why Hair regrowth treatment with fascino body care ?

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 why Hair regrowth treatment with fascino body care ?
The major services Fascino bodycare provides for hair treatmentare hair transplant and hair regrowth. We have various techniques of hair transplant and hair regrowth such as, mesotherapy, hair transplant, hair restoration, hair loss trico scalp, PRP treatment, micro needling and other advanced technologies. Lets briefly look at all the treatments below:
  • Mesotherapy; If you’re suffering from alopecia and wish to reverse it, a mesotherapy treatment would work wonders for you. In mesotherapy enzymes and nutrients are injected into your scalp using syringes, this is done to facilitate the process of hair growth.
  • Hair Transplant: Hair transplants are very common these days and with many advancements in technology they are also easy to conduct at very low costs. What hair transplantation does is extract hair follicles from a healthy specimen and transplant them into the balding area of the patient.
  • Hair restoration: Hair restoration is basically the adding of a patch of hair extensions to the bald spot. Both men and women can use this in case they want an instant remedy to the baldness they’re experiencing.
  • Hair loss trico scalp: TST or Trico Scalp Treatment is designed to stop hair fall and dandruff by nourishing the scalp and strengthening hair roots. This method has 3 benefits of using it, i. e. disinfectation, detoxification and rejuvenation that results in a fuller, healthier crown of hair.
  • PRP Treatment: Fascino provides an amazing new advancement for hair regrowth solutions. PRP or platelet-rich plasma is injected into the patient’s scalp which facilitates hair regrowth. PRP is actually made using one’s own blood. A doctor first collects a sample blood amount in a testtube from the patient, this testtube is then put in a centrifuge which spins it until the number of platelets in the blood sample increases. We at Fascino bodycare have the latest and fully functioning equipment to carry out a successful PRP treatment.
  • Micro-needling: Micro needling is done so that your body produces more amount of proteins than normal, and these proteins increase hair growth rapidly as the proteins that are produced after micro needling are very essential for hair growth. Micro-needling is done using a dermaroller on the scalp whose needles prick the scalp in the hopes of producing more Keratin.

Are the procedures provided by Fascinobodycare safe and do they have any side effects?

Fascinobodycare is well established company and conducts all procedures in a legal and ethical environment. All our services including skin treatment, hair treatment and weight loss are done by experienced doctors who have a high success rate. None of the procedures will have any side effects as we do a thorough checkup of the patient’s health before allowing them to undergo treatment or surgery.

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