Fascino Body Care, a one-stop solution for skin, hair and Slimming treatments, offering safe effective, affordable non-surgical and surgical solutions to all Indians with world class standards, using the latest technologies and advances since a decade, is known for its latest cutting edge procedures and being the first in many innovations in India. Fascino Body Care does a full 3D analysis of the patients’ skin at the first consult. Fascino
Body Care is your one-stop solution for skin care, hair and Slimming treatments.
Our blooming organization offers safe, effective, affordable non-surgical and
surgical solutions to all our customers with renowned international standards.
Our resilient team of experienced professionals uses the latest technological
and advanced methods for treating our customers. Our organization establishes
the latest cutting edge procedures for treatments and is being celebrated as
the first, amidst many innovations in India to do so. Fascino Body Care does a
full 3D analysis of the patients’ skin in their first consult and promises to
take care of the users with nothing but only the best.



Fascino dreams of ensuring a better quality of life for everyone by adopting and pursing ethically and socially relevant business practices aimed for shaping up people’s confidence and making Skin, Slimming & Hair treatments accessible to all sections of our society

Our Values

  • Fair, ethical and open towards our customers, employees and partners

  • Strive constantly to improve ourselves to deliver the best & better results

Why Us

  • 10+ Years of Service
  • 6 Centers in South India
  • CE Approved Technology & Infrastructure
  • Our Infrastructure supplied to more than 600 Centers in India
  • Certified Professional
  • Natural & Organic Products
  • Over 1 Million Customers

Meet Our Specialist

Dr. Amit Damani

Founder & CEO

Dr. Sukanya Neelam

Management Consultant & Academy Head

Mr. G Benny

Franchise & Marketing Head

Founder & CEO Speech

Dr. Amit Damani, founder and CEO of Fascino Body Care, provides the sneak peek of the trends currently going on in the beauty industry. He also enlightens us about how the franchise works in the Skin, Slimming & Hair care Industry.

Trends in the Skincare Industry

The ongoing trend in today’s skin-care industry revolves around non-surgical therapies. In India, the current medical aesthetic life cycle is at Permanent Hair Removal, Scar Reduction, Hair fall procedures and Body shaping.

“India is a young nascent market and has not matured yet in the life cycle of the medical aesthetic industry.”


Competition between International brands and Fascino Body Care

“The international brands don’t have key for treating Indian skin types. Indian skin is very different and one of the most sensitive skin types. Even the technologies available internationally are required to be modified in order to suit the Indian skin and this is the core specialty of Fascino Body Care.


In fact, many International brands have asked to be partner with us or buy us out due to our core knowledge. As an Indian brand, we know our clients and are able to tailor make the approach.”

“I have been coming to Fascino Body Care for years and I will be coming for many more. The clinics provide great service and treatments, my skin is perfect and my body is hairless!”

Kritika Sharma

“Recommended. As always great service - friendly, professional, on schedule.”


“The staff at Fascino Body Care are really helpful, friendly and knowledgeable about the procedures they recommend. I am already noticing a big difference in my skin and am excited to see the end results.”


“Finally got rid of my pigmentation with chemical peels. Best team with an extensive list of treatments to choose from!”

David M

“Laser hair removal gave me smooth skin for a lifetime. I finally got rid of my dark skin.”


My acne marks faded away with three session, a big thumbs up to lasker skin rejuvenation treatment provided by the professionals.”

Smita Shah