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 Dr Nanda Kishore – Famous Bariatric Surgeon


Weight loss at Fascino Body care which includes a nourishment plan and exercise program intended for every individual patient. Our program includes a group of specialists, including a bariatrician, dietitian, practice physiologist and therapist. Weight reduction requires some serious energy, however we will work with you to grow better propensities forever. To find out more or to see whether you are a possibility for weight reduction medical procedure, please visit Fascino Body care.

If there is a minimum weight loss of 5% to 10% which leads to better outcome like Knee pain reduction. First weight loss will be done to neck then in the back and then lastly the dummy which is most difficult but due to the weight loss snoring during the sleep is also reduced. These two things will become irregular activities of your daily life.

Without Surgery the best option of weight loss for a common man:

Fascino Body care will be providing the best Medical weight loss management program. Your medical weight loss treatment will include a provider who specializes in the treatment and management of obesity also included in your team, registered dietician with expertise and advanced training in weight management. These two individuals work with you to ensure safe and effective weight loss. Optimize management of medical conditions and create a weight loss plan to meet your unique needs and goals.

Your visit with us begins with a consultation with one of our providers and a dietician and together create a plan. we offer evidence based options to support your weight loss journey they are personal coaching, Weight loss medications, Dietician visits and nutrition products. During weight maintenance we are committed to work with you through weight loss and maintenance. The nutrition products can be extremely effective for steady weight loss like meals replacement and others.

Fascino body care weight management patients have a consultation with one of our dieticians. During consultation a meal plan is developed and weight loss begins included in our program. we are committed to work with you through weight loss and lifelong weight maintenance. To know more information about the weight loss management please visit to our website for all the details.

Getting better consultation

Dr Nanda Kishore say that walking is the best form of exercise to  lose weight, control cholesterol blood pressure and heart related problems. The simple technique to increase physical activity and get better fitness. It is a minimal risk of injury and does not require any training, special skills, Expensive equipment, facilities, clothing. It can be done at a variety of intensities and speeds individually.

Walking helps in improving cardiac and respiratory efficiency. Dr Nanda Kishore says that walking will also improves the health of muscles bones and joints. Regular walking results in better reflexes and reaction time. The advantage of walking which assist in dropping heaviness loss and enhance the lungs ability to take in oxygen, helps to lessen body fat, Reduces blood pressure and improve blood sugar and cholesterol levels thus improving heart condition. It is proven that walking will reduce blood pressure for those who may be hypertensive, improves digestive enzymes and helps in digestion of proteins.

The treatment for the weight loss of patients were given based upon the type of its body and muscles and factors like age and gender. Dr Nanda Kishore suggests that guidance is very important instead of advertisements and suggest to go to expert who can access multiple factors and choose right one for long term goal oriented instead of advertisements. We will give the full protection during the fat loss to protect the muscles. Natural weight loss method goes psychologically to maintain it for a longer period instead of surgical treatments.

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