For Skin Treatments

Dermabrasion (7 in 1) Model No. FAS 101

Dermabrasion (7 in 1) Model No. FAS 101, was manufactured to improve acne scars, prox marks and scars on your face, caused by accidents or disease. Dermabrasion is one of the best acne and scars removing equipments in skin treatments, thus boost up Fascino’s best skin treatments regime.

However, Dermabrasion is certainly not a perfect choice for treating congenital skin defects, moles or pigmented birthmarks and is generally considered safer only for individuals with fair skin. It can result in scarring and discoloration if used on people darker skin.

Therefore, Fascino’s skin care treatment regime instrument Microdermabrasion, which is manufactured for treating all skin types and colors. Even though Microdermabrasion makes subtle changes, it is noted to cause no discoloration of skin or scarring. However, since Microdermabrasion makes subtle changes, it doesn’t prove effective in treating deeper problems such as scars, stretch marks, wrinkles or deep acne scars.


However, both Dermabrasion and Microdermabrasion are tested and approved medical devices which strengthens Fascino’s skin care treatment regime and make Fascino the best bodycare treatment centre in Hyderabad.

For Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvation

E-Light Model No. FAS 103


Light Source: Intense Pulsed Light, Standard Wavelength: 530/585/610-1200n

IPL Energy: 10-5- J/cm2, Sport Size: 8mmX40mm (IPL & bipolar RF)

Pulse Duration: 2-15ms, Pulse Sequence: 1-6 pulses

Delay between pulses: 5-50ms, Integrated Skin Cooling: 40 C-+100 C


Operation Interlace: 8.4 “True Colour Touch Screen, Drive Power: 1100W

RF Power: 200W working period, Contionuosuly: Stand-by working for 6-12 hours

Power Supply: 100/110V50-60HZ or 230-260V, 50-60HZ


RF Energy: 1-50Q, RF Frequency: 6MHz

Output Mode: Continuous & Pulsed output adjustable


Remove, whiten skin, facelifting, smooth skin and parameter

Laser Type: 808nm Laser, Power: 220w

Laser energy output: 0-150/cm2, Laser pulse with: 1-400ms (adjustable)

Pulse output frequency: 1-5Hz, Spot Size: 10*20mm


IPL System & Treatments
  • Skin Rejuvation
  • Hair Removal
  • Specific Removal
  • Wrinkle Removal
  • Acne Removal
808nm Diodle Laser System & Treatments
  • DEC technology make sure every output accurate
  • Continue flash, higher power, faster effect
  • Safe permanent hair removal on all skin types: no pain & very comfortable during the treatment
Product Advantage
808nm Diode Laser System
  • Germany imported laser bars – 800W
  • SHR in Motion techniques, Fast, safe and pain free
  • Big spot size: 15*15mn2
IPL Sytem
  • 5 filters attached (480mn, 430mn, 590mn, 640mn & 690mn)
  • 3 Spot sizes for optional as 15*50mn2, 13*30mn2 and 13*40mn2
  • SHR IPL system for option, 10 shots per 1s promised
Imported ultra-quiet water pump
  • No noise, provide a quiet and comfortable environment for patients
  • Large water flow, provides better cooling and prolong machine life


For Sliming Treatments

  • G10 Massager Model No. FAS 107
  • Zone Heating Blanket Model No. FAS 108
  • G5 Massager Model No. FAS 109
  • Zone Blanket Model No. FAS 110
  • Body Composition Analyzer Model No. FAS 111
  • ILIPO Model No. FAS 112
  • Bodyshaper 12 Channel