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 How to get reduction of Stretch Marks? – Fascino Body Care

Stretch marks are also known as striae in medical terms. stretch can be on various parts of the body like thighs, buttocks, back, arms, and also on breasts. Stretch marks are caused due to various reasons and concavity of various types including striae atrophicans which happens due to intake of steroids or topical application of steroids which leads to thinning of the skin and depressed scars.

Striae gravidarium which happens during pregnancy due to increased weight gain and forms stretch marks. Striae distensae is because of the sudden increase in weight gain or sudden loss of weight. stretch marks are due to elastin and collagen tissue in the deeper layer of the skin that is in the dermis. When this tissue gets stretched due to the rapid increase in weight or due to loss of weight during pregnancy or due to intake of steroids and even due to hormones. We are having the best specialist in Hyderabad at Fascino Body Care for the treatment of stretch marks by using lasers.

Stretch marks do not signify that you have any disease and they can also occur absolutely in normal health. The first state of stretch mark is the formation of red or purple line on the skin, these are known as striae rubrae and they are easier to treat and later these red lines are converted to white lines which are known as striae alba or classical stretch marks which are more difficult to treat.

Prevention of stretch marks during pregnancy is done through keeping your skin hydrated, drink lots of water but other than that make sure to apply a good amount of coconut oil or bio-oil on the areas where stretch marks are developed and also use collagen elastin boosters which are easily available in the market as stretch mark screens. Apply this from the time when you start dealing with four to the fifth month of pregnancy and should continue this application twice a day at least after six months of pregnancy. You can see a significant amount of reduction of stretch marks.

Treatment for stretch marks includes application of silicone gels in atrophic or depressed stretch marks, Application of tretinoin creams in development of fresh stretch marks, or red stretch marks. But these should not be used during pregnancy. Some treatments can also be done at the Fascino body care cosmetic center in Hyderabad, which includes microdermabrasion, derma roller, or micro-needling, PRP also has shown good results in the treatment of stretch marks.

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