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Laser hair removal is an complex visual treatment which is a most popular cosmetic treatment that is removal of hair on the small area of upper lip, Two legs, back and shoulders. Laser hair removal is generally done every 4 to 8 weeks. Between 5 to 8 treatments generally after seven treatments patient should anticipate around eighty percent clearance of the hair. So the remaining twenty percent will be obviously dense and the hair will be thinner and caliber and grow slower.

The food and drug administration has approved lasers for permanent hair reduction not removal. FDA cleared as reduction because it is hundred percent hard. but generally people range in the area of eighty to ninety five percent cleared with a few straggling hairs that remain after the laser hair removal treatment. Facial hair removal is more difficult than body hair removal like underarms and hair on legs. Laser hair reduction is a technology which acts directly on the roots of the hair follicles. Hair should not be removed before six weeks of treatment. you should be protected from sun up to six weeks while taking the hair removal treatment and after the treatment is completed you should protect the skin by applying the sunscreen lotions. Redness & permanent scarring or changes in the skin are very rare. Laser hair removal is safe and effective way to eliminate body hair on all skin types. It is one of the main ways that people are using to eliminate the hair on their body. There are different types of laser hair removals. The main type that is used are alexandrite laser which is 755 nanometers, 810 nanometer diode laser, 1064 nanometer AG laser and the IPL laser. If the area of treatment is very large like back doctors will also apply an oral pain medicine

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