A Revolutionary SKIN, SLIMMING & HAIR Treatment Center now offering

  • Lucrative Franchise Formats
  • Moderate Investment Opportunity
  • Extensive Infrastructure Support
Franchising in Fascino Body Care
“Franchising with individuals who have a passion in aesthetics/ beauty will grow the industry and get a better traction and knowledge spread. We just launched permanent sweat reduction for the first time in India to treat body odor issues and underarm sweating. Next, we are working on body contouring for Indians a full 360 approach.”

Franchisee Model

Moving A Head – Taking the Franchise Route

Moving ahead, the brand’s ultimate aim is to open a new Fascino Body Care center every week with good business practices, growth plans and focus on aggressive expansion. For this, the brand has taken the franchising route.

Fascino Body Care is looking for Partners who are interested in promoting Beauty & Wellness solutions for the people in their cities. Presently, we are inviting Master Franchisees and Unit Franchise Partners across India.

Preferred Franchisee Partner Profile

  • Location: Adequate space at a prominent location
  • Experience: Experience of running a medium size outfit or working experience of 2+ years
  • Capital: Financial backup with an ability to sustain 12 months working capital requirement
  • Ability: To manage day to day operations of the business

Great Reasons to Partner

  • New Technology as well as Infrastructure to be invested and upgraded directly by FASCINO from time to time as per the Franchisee Requirement and performance
  • More than a decade of expertise in the industry
  • CE Approved Technology & Infrastructure
  • Dexterous management team to provide all round assistance
  • Extensive R&D with creative and seasonal offerings
  • Profitable business proposition with high sales margins
  • Well recognised training programs

Franchisee Training

Initial assistance training will be provided by FASCINO which includes the following franchisee training programs:

Phase I – FASCINO provide franchisees up to 14 days initial training at FASCINO headquarters or at any convenient location agreed by both parties for the start of operations.

Phase II – On-site training naturally takes place when the franchisee inaugurates its operations. FASCINO experienced trainers provide on-site training for 2 weeks and assist franchisee staff with effect from operations.

Franchise Agreement Duration & Renewals

The initial term of the “Franchise Agreement” is five (5) years. After the successful completion of the specified term, renewal for the next five years will be made subject to the approval of the FASCINO Franchisor and re-investment requirements.

Financial Stats

Master Franchisee

  • Investment: 20 Lakhs
  • Average Payback: 1 Year 2 Months
  • Agreement Term: 5 Years

Unit Franchisee

  • Investment: 10 Lakhs
  • Area Required: 800 sft – 1600 sft
  • Average Payback: 1 Year 4 Months
  • Agreement Term: 5 Years

Comprehensive Brand Support

Fascino Body Care has developed a strong franchise support program to ensure mutual growth and profitability, based on the following parameters:

Setup – The franchisor would support the franchisees in choosing the best location for setting up of the facility and would help the franchisees with the design, architecture and layout of the facility

Training – The franchisor would conduct regular franchisee training programs for management & staff. Special skill enhancing workshops would be conducted from time to time

Infrastructure – New Technology as well as Infrastructure to be invested and upgraded directly by FASCINO from time to time as per the Franchisee Requirement and performance

Operations Manual: The franchisor would provide a comprehensive operations manual to maintain uniformly in operations of the franchised center

Advertising & Promotions: The franchisor will organise events specific to marketing/branding of the center at national & regional levels. The franchisor would also guide the franchisees to ensure coverage of Fascino Body Care through print, outdoor, web and social media