Reducing Fat Through Laser Lipo Treatment at Fascino Body Care

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 Reducing Fat Through Laser Lipo Treatment at Fascino Body Care

Laser Lipo treatment is used to lose inches or rejuvenate your skin in just a twenty minutes session. This treatment is 100 percent pain-free, non-surgical, and non-invasive with no downtime and produces instant and long-lasting results. For inch loss and body contouring, Lipo emits a harmless low-level laser that penetrates down to the fat layer under the skin and breaks down the fat cells to escape to the lymphatic system.

After treatment exercising can help accelerate the removal of the released fat cells. The treatment can be performed on all skin types and areas where unwanted stored fat exists. The process is relaxing for the patient. The first thing to do before treatment is to measure the patient and simply place the laser pedals directly on to the area to be treated and hold them in a place with the specially adapted belts. We at Fascino Body care will help you getting best results in reducing fat through laser lipo treatment.

In just 10 minutes the lasers containing 36 advanced diodes, safely penetrate the skin and absorb fat cells. The stimulation in the fat cell wall breaks down the fat cell contents allowing fat to escape through the pores. The fat cells then disappear and collapse and the excess is safely removed by the body’s natural metabolic process. After 20 minutes measure the customer again and instantly see the inch loss result. 

post-treatment patients perform simple exercise which accelerates the removal of the reduced-fat and then simply returns to the daily routine. There will be a progressive improvement with each session and the result can be maintained indefinitely with a healthy diet and exercise. The treatment is safe, effective, no risks, and side effects.

The recommended course of 8 treatments with 72 hours in between for maximum results. In addition to the inch loss lasers, the total lipo system also consists of LEDs. These rejuvenate the skin by stimulating the collagen and elastin in the skin cells, therefore reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, and dry skin.

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