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Hair loss is a serious issue that affects a lot of people today. Several conditions could lead to hair loss. Hypothyroid is one of them, which is lower than normal then you can discuss with the doctor & take treatment another one is alopecia and this is more of an immune related response to hair loss nutrient. Nutrient deficiencies are also the key components of hair loss. Stress is one of the overlooked causes of hair loss which can be physical, mental, or when you are physically having illness or infection. Mostly 95% of our hair loss is due to the genetic pattern. Fascino Bodycare hair transplant in Hyderabad will be providing the best treatment on hair loss and hair removal treatment with 100% assurance.

Hair Treatment

Get back your hair and your confidence with Fascino hair regrowth solutions that tackle scalp conditions and boost the health of your hair roots.


Mesotherapy can help with short term hair growth but does not stop hair loss. The method for Mesotherapy incorporates infusing a modest needle of nutrients into the scalp’s surface. The nutrient infusion helps your scalp and it permits you to have better blood circulation in your scalp which results in a superior hair re-development. Fascino Bodycare will be providing the best hair removal treatment in Hyderabad with high standards of quality and facilities.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is accomplished for individuals who are experiencing Androgenetic Alopecia all the more normally known for example hairlessness. The territory around the back and sides of their head which isn’t affected by thinning up top procedure that region is known as the giver locale. At the point when hair is expelled into the giver district and transplanted into a region of diminishing. The hair will keep the qualities of the territory from which it came this implies the hair will stay unaffected by the thinning up top procedure. Fascino Bodycare will be providing the best hair transplant treatment in Hyderabad with the best medical facilities and affordable prices.

Hair Restoration

The surgical procedure for hair restoration is called hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is hair redistribution which means moving hair from one part of the scalp to another part scalp where the hair was lost. On the off chance that you hoping to locate the best dermatologist for hair loss to locate a perfect treatment that doesn’t have any symptoms, You should opt for Fascino Bodycare hair loss clinic in Hyderabad.

Hair Loss Trico Scalp

TST is designed to stop hair fall and dandruff along with rejuvenating the re-growth of hair of increased thickness by boosting the hair roots. TST bestows the triple benefits of being a disinfectant, detoxifier, and rejuvenator that results in a fuller and healthier crown of hair.

PRP Treatment

PRP means platelet-rich plasma for hair loss treatment which is a three-step process where the person’s blood is drawn, processed, and infused into the scalp to help promote hair growth and reduce hair loss. Our dermatologist hair loss specialist in Hyderabad at Fascino Bodycare will try to find the best possible results for hair loss.


Blood is taken from the patient into the vial. This vial of blood is a spin in a centrifuge to separate the dense rich plasma. Removing the platelet-rich plasma from the vial into the syringe.


The treatment area is marked out and inject platelet-rich plasma into the patient scalp. Once the plasma is injected into the scalp, platelet activation will occur and the increased factors within the blood cells will rouse the follicles and the improvement in the blood circulation can also get better the quality of the follicles.

The dermatologists at Fascino Bodycare can alter the hair transplant treatments in Hyderabad according to the patient whereas keeping the clinical history, hypersensitive responses, scalp type, awkward concern, and so forth at the top of the priority list.

Micro Needling

Micro-Needling is one of the most efficient and easy treatments where some fine needles are being applied to the scalp and they raise the blood flow and nutrition to the scalp. They change the phase of the hair growth from the resting phase to the growth phase and therefore help not only in stopping hair fall but also to some extent to increase the density of the existing hair. Fascino Bodycare hair loss clinic in Hyderabad will be providing the expert dermatologist who will look after all the problems and solutions given together along with the good treatment.

Safe And Proven

All the hair loss treatments at Fascino Bodycare will be made under the keen supervision of the dermatologists, specialists and also avoid side effects.

No Side Effects

All procedures are designed and performed by a highly trained team of doctors, experts, nutritionist, counselors and technicians. Treatments can also be customised as per the requirement of the client. The procedure does not have major side effects


The treatments recommended by dermatologist at Fascino Bodycare for hair loss treatment at Hyderabad are non-intrusive ones. All the hair loss treatments are recommended by the dermatologist after a total analysis of the patient’s problem

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