What are the signs of Acne Scars?

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 What are the signs of Acne Scars?

Acne is so common that is considered a normal part of teenage years, infrequent tiny red bumps usually appear as one of the first signs of puberty. In acne, multiple factors work together first one is sex hormone levels and adolescents fluctuate widely. A birth control pill can help out these hormone levels in females. The second one is skin cell block pores, normal skin cells are shedding constantly and it is not noticeable. In acne skin, cells stick in the poor openings and clog them.

The third factor is bacteria, which irritate and infect the skin and genetics also plays a role. If Acne is starting on the skin, the first sign is the blackhead. A blackhead is the blocked pores contributing to the problem. The main significant first step for acne is to wash the face with soap and water twice a day. some may suffer from severe acne and the severe types include pustules also called whiteheads, red bumps, and large painful scarring cysts.

Permanent scars will result from depressions in the skin or bumps in the skin. Makeup can affect acne, heavy makeup can block pores. Makeup’s with the mineral-based and powdery are considered better for the skin and can even promote healing in some cases. Squeezing is generally not considered to be helpful because it can increase the size of a scar. 

There are some tools in the market such as comedone extractor that can be used if it is very clean and used gently to remove the small uncomplicated whitehead if needed. Some of the common treatments that help to get rid of Acne scars like chemical peel, micro-needling, PRP, subcision, dermal fillers, Nano fat, and laser treatments like non-ablative laser. Fascino body care will provide the best effective treatments which help to remove the Acne scars safely.

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