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Our Experts treatments are divided into 3 major parts which include all types of skin treatments,electrolaser therapy & improvement of collagin


Get back your hair and your confidence with Fascino hair regrowth solutions that tackle scalp conditions and boost the health of your hair roots.


it is really possible to reduce stubborn fat safely with our latest technology

Skin Care and Laser Center

To get feel good factor with Fascino treatments

Skin Tightening & Cellulite Treatments.

Body Firming &Toning

Treatment shed the layer of fat covering your muscles. Indirectly, the more muscle tissue that you add through toning your muscles

Inch Loss

Ultrasound Cavitations is a process where the power of ultrasound naturally breaks down the fat and the fat cell in a localized area of treatment

Skin Tightening

Diminishes or removes cellulites, reduces body fat, tighten skin, post-operative liposuction smoothing, and contour reshaping.

Cool Sculpting

The Cool Sculpting fat-freezing procedure is the only CE-cleared, non-surgical fat-reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn

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“I have been coming to Fascino Body Care for years and I will be coming for many more. The clinics provide great service and treatments, my skin is perfect and my body is hairless!”

Kritika Sharma

“Recommended. As always great service - friendly, professional, on schedule.”


“The staff at Fascino Body Care are really helpful, friendly and knowledgeable about the procedures they recommend. I am already noticing a big difference in my skin and am excited to see the end results.”


“Finally got rid of my pigmentation with chemical peels. Best team with an extensive list of treatments to choose from!”

David M

“Laser hair removal gave me smooth skin for a lifetime. I finally got rid of my dark skin.”


My acne marks faded away with three session, a big thumbs up to lasker skin rejuvenation treatment provided by the professionals.”

Smita Shah